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Have a Look at these rings painstakingly crafted by our artisans using the best quality gemstones and you will be left speechless. Gemvanity has the ability to hand craft the most challenging rings for you in your choice of metal and gemstones. Intricate finish (sandblasting, hammered, tree bark etc.) and precision setting is our hallmark. We create rings in various shades of gold and 925 sterling silver

Emerald and Diamond Ring

Product Code: R711

Diamond Kynite and Emerald Ring

Product Code: R709

Aquamarine Ring

Product Code: SR036

Gorgeous Emerald and Diamond Ring

Product Code: SR030

sterling 925 silver Amethyst ring

Product Code: SR029

Garnet sterling silver ring

Product Code: SR024

Rose Quartz Silver Sterling Ring

Product Code: SR019

Carnelian Sterling silver Rings

Product Code: SR018

Diamond and emerald Ring

Product Code: R704

Opal and diamonds ring

Product Code: R686

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