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With an experience of over 30 years as contract manufacturers of fine and high-end handmade jewellery, Gemvanity, is the perfect choice for all your fine jewellery sourcing needs. Our strategic location in Jaipur, India, ensures that we have abundant supply of the best gemstones to work with. We can cast different gold shades including yellow, white and rose in different karats. We also create high-end 925 sterling silver jewellery, which we hold to the same exacting standards as our gold pieces.

Our incredibly talented artisans and craftsmen can handcraft the most intricate designs for you. Whether it is impeccable and precise stone setting or highly intricate metalwork, our artisans are second to none. Gemvanity offers a never ending portfolio of finishes such as mirror, satin, sandblasted, scratched, hammered and tree bark finish. We believe that there is practically nothing that we can't create for you – be it antique, contemporary or fusion.

Gemvanity is unique in that we work even on very small minimum order quantities (MOQ) – even 1 piece! – and give them as much importance as to the large order quantities. Which explains why our clients come in all sizes, big and small.